Chapter 1. Basic Concepts

1. Reseller Program Introduction

TemplateMonster V.I.P. Reseller Program is the perfect way to offer pre-made web design to your clients.

Several reasons why your clients will choose pre-made web design (web templates):

  • web templates are the fastest way to create or redesign your own website;

  • acquiring web templates is cheaper than hiring a web designer;

  • web templates are designed by certified designers and thoroughly examined by qualified specialists;

  • 9000+ products (the gallery of products is updated daily) present most popular categories among webmasters and are of high demand both among Internet starters and IT professionals.

TemplateMonster V.I.P. Reseller Program Benefits:

  • earn almost unlimited income by setting your own prices for pre-made web designs that you get from TemplateMonster. This is the best solution for those companies/individuals that would like to provide web templates as a part of a web design and hosting package;

  • get TemplateMonster products for your clients at wholesale prices starting 80% of actual TemplateMonster prices;

  • accept payments in any currency in the form that is the best for your customers;

  • a personal control panel for Resellers to manage an account, make necessary financial and technical settings;

  • ready-made set of scripts to make ready-made web designs screenshots and products information available for your customers. Click on the link to download a ready-made shop engine:;

  • real-time reports;

  • friendly support from our staff (including assistance to install the software at no charge).

The website represents the backbone of the TemplateMonster V.I.P. Reseller Program and is only an example to show you the functionality of the V.I.P. Reseller Software. Note: you can incorporate reseller scripts into your current design and offer pre-maid web designs along with your primary products and services.

The TemplateMonster V.I.P. Software was created to keep your database identical to TemplateMonster’s and let your clients make a right choice among up-to-minute web designs.

Live examples of websites using V.I.P. Reseller Software:

How does it work?

There are three parties involved in the V.I.P. Reseller Program:

  • TemplateMonster;

  • Reseller;

  • Customer.

As soon as you integrate V.I.P. Reseller scripts into your web design and synchronize your database with DB you will get up-to-minute information about products available at website. Integrating scripts into the web design includes the following steps:

  1. Design (or integrate our ready-made) template shop engine for displaying products information on the website (this refers to web templates thumbnails, screenshots, search facilities, order status forms, shopping carts, products description, etc.).

  2. Design your own shopping cart (or integrate our ready-made) to accept payments from your customers. Note: All our scripts intended for accepting payments are for educational purposes only. We do not give any security guarantee. We do not give any compliance guarantee with any merchant system.

  3. Design (or integrate our ready-made) interface to call our Reseller Billing Script each time you would like the customer to be sent an email with instructions on how to download the template.

As soon as you have your template shop up and running you will have to ensure enough funds in your Reseller balance to be able to send emails with download links to your customers. As soon as you invoke a reseller billing script an appropriate amount will be subtracted from your balance and instructions on how to download a template will be sent to your customer's email address.