5. Order Processing

We will process orders placed by you. Certain aspects of order processing and fulfillment, including customer service, shipping, and payment processing placed by you will be our responsibility. Other aspects of order processing placed by your customers, including order entry, tracking payment authority, returns and customer payment processing will be your responsibility. The Reseller is responsible for all transactions made by his customers, all the transactions made by the Reseller aren’t to be refunded. The Reseller will verify the customer’s payment and send data to TemplateMonster via his Reseller interface for processing. As soon as the order placed by Reseller is processed by TemplateMonster the proper amount (the price of the product for the Reseller) is deducted from his account. After the payment is verified by TemplateMonster the download information for the product purchased by your customer will be sent to his email address. We will track the amount of sales generated by your Web site and will make this information available to you.