4. Ready-Made Reseller Shop Engine

A ready-made shop engine (http://www.vipresellers.com/reseller/xshop.zip) is a set of scripts that let you have an exact copy of TemplateMonster database of web templates in real time; display screeshots and other information on the site; syncronize your database with TemplateMonster database automatically. The engine also includes the billing script that let you send download instructions to your customers upon your approval (the appropriate amount (price of the web template) will be deducted from your deposit automatically). A technology used for a synchronization of Templatemonster database and the database of your template shop is XML. The detailed information of the technology can be found at http://www.w3.org/XML/

Requirements for a template shop:

PHP 4.3.4 or later with XML support;

MySQL 4.0 or later;

2Gb disk space or more for template screenshots and .swf files (more space will be required as new templates are added).

You can also link to images on Templatemonster.com server though it is not recommended to do for at least two reasons:

Security. Customers of your template shop will see a reference to Templatemonster.com;

Reliability. If TemplateMonster.com does not function for some reasons then graphic elements won't be seen at your online shop.

Reseller Shop Engine Framework:

Create a database that will include information about templates on your server. A dump of tables structure can be obtained in sql/start.sql file. Create an XML parser or edit the script www/admin/cron_xml.php to get the data in your DB synchronized with Templatemonster.com database. If run for the first time, the script www/admin/cron_xml.php will fill data in all tables of your database. Add the script to your operating system scheduler. It is recommended to run cron_xml.php every 1..24 hours.

Create a script for downloading screenshots or edit the script www/admin/cron_scr.php. You should add the script cron_scr.php to your operating system scheduler. It is recommended to run cron_scr.php every 300 seconds.

Install the shop engine on your server or develop your own engine on the basis of our scripts to display screenshots and other information about Templatemonster.com products on your website. You can edit or set rules for displaying templates by editing the function show_template() of the inc/show.inc file. You can edit constants for displaying templates and other global parameters used in a template shop by editing the configuration file inc/conf.inc.

When the payment at your website is processed a reseller shop engine invokes the script from www.vipresellers.com with parameters that describe a customer's e-mail and an item number of the template.

An e-mail with download links pointed to an unbranded download host will be sent to the customer. You can change a text of the e-mail in your personal account. The script will deduct an appropriate amount from your account at www.vipresellers.com.

Shop Engine Folders Structure:

HTML folder includes:

INC folder includes:

SQL folder includes a script start.sql for the database initialization.

An SQL-query included in start.sql script will create the following tables in your database:

WWW folder includes: