Chapter 4. Account Help

1. Account

1.1. Account Details

System requirements

In order to use the reseller program control panel, you must have the following software installed:

Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher or Netscape Navigator 7.0 or higher

Your browser must be JavaScript and cookies enabled. Consult your browser’s Help for more information.

Logging in

Before logging in to the reseller program control panel, you will have to register with us and receive the following identification information: username and password.

To log in to the control panel open a web browser and navigate to Enter your username and password in the login area.

If you are logged in to the website but have been inactive for a long period of time you will have to log in again before using the control panel.

Password Modification

To change your password navigate to “Account Details”, enter your old password and your new password (twice). To save the changes you simply have to click the “Update” button.

Secret Word Modification

A secret word is used to generate MD5 checksum for every transaction. To modify a secret word simply replace an old secret word with a new one and click on the "Update" button.

Switching to "Test Mode"

If you wish to switch to the test mode (to debug your scripts) select "ON" and click on the "Update" button. Your reseller balance won't be charged even when invoking resell.php script.

Payment Script IP

A payment script IP is an ip-address or a subnet mask from which your script will call our resell.php script. If you would like to update a payment script IP address please email to