2. Sales

2.1. Balance

The feature shows a total amount of the refillings of your reseller account, a total amount of sales through your reseller template shop, and a current balance which is a result of the difference between refillings and total sales.

2.2. Sales History

The feature shows the history of orders placed at your reseller website. Details of the order include: an order ID; a date of the order, an order amount, an email address of the customer the link was sent to, an item number of the template, and a link expiration date. The feature also allows you to resend an email with download links to the customer in case he did not receive an email because of email routing problems or didn't have a chance to download the template before the link became inactive.

2.3. Get Template

This feature will allow you to get any product from Templatemonster.com using funds from your balance with a 20% discount. To get the template you should specify the product number, check a box if you wish to buy the template at the exclusive price, and press "Get Template". Our system will check if your balance is enough to buy the product and will generate a link that should be used to invoke the billing script for sending instructions on how to download a template to your email. At the same time an appropriate amount (the product price with a 20% discount) will be subtracted from your balance.

Important Note: We do not make exchanges of the templates ordered and downloaded with the help of "Get Template" feature. Please, be careful when ordering a template using the interface and make sure you enter the correct item number. Instructions on how to download products ordered via the "Get Template" interface are sent to the email associated with your affiliate account. Please, make sure that the email address specified in your "Account Details" is valid.

2.4. Custom Emails

The feature let you specify and/or modify an email your customers receive after the payment is processed by the Reseller and resell.php script is invoked. The email will include download links to the templates purchased by your customers.